Donating Items

We will be holding an open donation morning for all donations on WEDNESDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER 2020 between 10am and 12 noon at our unit at Unit 2 Whitworth Court.

. There is no limit to the items you can donate but please, please, please only donate clean usable items, which you would be pleased to receive as a gift yourself.  Please ensure that equipment has all safety straps etc with it, and games and puzzles have all pieces.

. Please remember to social distance  We will have various travel cots out for you to put items into, with large items to the side.  However, if someone is already at all of the cots, please wait for one to become free.

. There are no dates planned for Cheltenham for the forseeable future.

. No other dates will be set until we have sorted through all the donations from this day so please bear with us.  We will try to alternate the days we accept donations on to try to suit as many people as we can.  We are trying our best!

. Finally, thank you to each and every one of you that continues to support us.  We couldn't do what we do without you!

We do not currently have a donation date set for Cheltenham.

Once again can we ask that you DO NOT leave donations outside of any of our premises / drop off points.  This is technically fly tipping and as we are not there every day, any items left will not be able to be used by us.

We are changing the way we accept donations at our Quedgeley premises.  We will now be having drop offs on set days only.  This will enable us to regulate our stock more efficiently.  All dates and times will be posted on here and on our social media pages when we have them available.

Please note that we reserve the right to sell any excess stock  with all the proceeds going straight back to helping needy families.  If you do not want your donation to be sold, please make us aware and we will mark the items accordingly.  Many thanks



Bundles was a life saver for me as a teenage mum. There's no way I would've been able to afford the things I needed for my new born baby.  They gave me a pram, cot, nappies, all the essentials I was in need of and I will continue to need their support.  Bundles is a life line for me.

Teenage Mum

You can donate any of the following items (all donations need to be less than 10 years old):


Baby Baths and Bath Supports complete with plug

Books, CDs and DVDs for babies and children

Bottles and other feeding/weaning equipment – no used teats please

Bouncer chairs with a three point harness, clean and working if applicable

Buggy Boards with uncut straps


Clothing – from prem to age 16.  All clothing should be clean, preferably freshly laundered

Cots / Cot Beds – with instructions and all parts. No metal bases please

Highchairs with original safety harness and in good clean condition

Linen – flat and fitted sheets, blankets and quilts for moses baskets, cot, cot bed and single bed size only please

Maternity Clothing

Maternity Pads


Nappies – disposable only please

Nappy change bags

Nappy change mats in good condition with no rips or tears

Nursing Pads – disposable only


Prams/Pushchairs both single and double

Pram accessories – cosy toes, raincovers, parasols

Safety Gates – please ensure all fittings are included

Sleeping bags – all sizes

Sterilisers – any sort

Toiletries – for adult, children and baby

Toddler Beds

Towels – baby and adult

Toys, games and puzzles – please ensure these are complete and in good condition

We do not accept the following:

Breast Pumps

Car Seats of any kind

Carry Cots unless with a pram system

Changing Units

Childrens tables and chairs

Cot Bumpers

Door Bouncers

Formula and baby food

Furniture other than cots/cot beds and toddler beds

Mattresses unless brand new in packet

Nappy Wrapper Bins



Reusable Nappies

Travel Cots


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